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Exclusive Australian Distributor:(The Ultimate Protection) Hail, Bird, Frost, Storm, Burn).

Fruit-Guard netting is manufacatured using only Class '1' Virgin Polyethelene incorporating UV inhibitors they are Light weight, High strength, Extra gms construction therefore they are specifically designed for Fruits, Grapes, Berries, Olives, Vegetables. The Ultimate design for Hail, Bird, Frost, Storm or Burn protection makes perfect sense, if you include stitching across the holes you maximize the strength and minimize hole size and therefore reduce possible damage. Fruit-Guards focus is to simply provide the best product at the best price.

Our manufacturers plant produces over 15,000,000 m/2 or netting per year for use throughout the world, therefore it must meet the strictest quality standards providing peace of mind for the end user. Fruit-Guard netting has a main mesh plus strands of monofilament that stretch across the apertures of the main mesh which reduces the hole size. The strands of monofilament are known as cross-stitches. Cross stitched nets have a major advantage - the 14mm hole size is optimum for protection from Hail, Birds, Frost, Storm, Burn without affecting growth and colour.

Description of goods:

(FG2002) Fruit-Guard is a specially knitted which guarantees that the Fabric will not run even after violent hailstorms or high winds. The protection offered by anti-hail nets means safe guarding both the current year's harvest and protected from future damage. It also offers protection against burn, birds and frost, which crystallizes on the netting instead of on the plants.

Our Fruit Guard netting is supplied with CIBA UV Stabilization to meet USA POLYONE LTD Standards.

Fruit-Guard: (FG2002) Netting;

Optimal 'Drape Over' protection netting: 77g/m2

$0.49c m2 + GST (Samples available for postage on request).

BONUS OFFER: 'Fruit-Guard Australia' will include ‘FREE of charge’ the NETWIZZ Hi-Lift Manual Netting Applicator for all single orders placed over 10 Hectare coverage of our 77g/m2 (FG2002) Ultimate drape netting.



Product Features: (FG2002)

  • Hexagonal/Crossover ULTIMATE weave mesh 77g/m2
  • CIBA UV Stabilization to meet USA POLYONE LTD Standards
  • Virgin HDPE incorporating UV inhibitor
  • Reinforced selvedges
  • Lock stitch knit construction
  • 10 year Warranty against UV Degradation

Cutting down on labour costs:

One of the most common questions fired our way is how to cut down on labour costs related to netting application and removal. This is a tough question because not everyone has the same equipment or orchard/vineyard topography, all of which can have a substantial effect on labour requirements.

Drape over or fixed curtain netting requires far less labour in its application than you may think once you become experienced in the application and retrieval the netting it goes on and off quite quickly. Draping five hectares a day with 3-5 people and a single tractor applicator is a very reasonable target and a fraction of that time with fixed curtain netting once installed.


A great way to save time is to simply leave them out over the winter as the nets are designed tough enough to handle the weather.

Of course not every system is able to support this technique, many people would have their irrigation disrupted by netting being wrapped around their watering lines, or would find the net in the way for general maintenance work. For these people, it is far more efficient to use a net applicator/remover due to the fact that without this tool a 1 or 2-day job can stretch on for weeks, costing thousands in additional wages.

Nothing saves more time than using the correct tools for the job. There are many growers who may use jerry-rigged applicators on undersized tractors or quads, and while you might save on capital costs, it won’t save you any time or money in the long run. We can supply you all relevant information on the NETWIZZ Hi-Lift Mast/Swivel head/Auto tensioning applicators also offer other models and where they are available in your area. (Email or call us and we will be happy to provide you additional information.)


NOTE: Fruit-Guard™ Australia will also include ‘FREE of charge’ the NETWIZZ Hi-Lift Manual Netting Applicator for all single orders placed over 10 Hectare coverage of our Fruit-Guard Netting (FG2002) 77g/m2, that is our guarantee to support our customers.